• “SDM encourages and recognizes the contribution of students to the University of Malta, G.F. Abela Junior College, MCAST, Sir M.A. Refalo Gozo and society in general.”

University of Malta

SDM was founded by a group of University students in 1974. Since its foundation in the mid-seventies, SDM has maintained an active role at the University of Malta through its structures, participation and constant presence on campus. Every year, SDM contests Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) elections and has an important influence on student representation and policy making at the University of Malta. SDM’s current University of Malta Co-Ordinator is Jeannette Gillard. You may contact Jeannette on university@sdm.org.mt.

Junior College

Since its establishment in 1995, SDM has been constantly present and active at the G.F. Abela Junior College. The Junior College offers a 2-year course designed for future University students. On a yearly basis, SDM contests Kunsill Studenti Junior College (KSJC) elections and has been been elected for the past 4 years. Junior College students are represented in SDM’s structures through a Junior College Co-Ordinator, an Assistant Junior College Co-Ordinator and also an elected committee made up of 12 Junior College students. SDM’s current Junior College Co-Ordinator is Jake Scerri. You may contact Jake on juniorcollege@sdm.org.mt.


In the beginning of 2014, SDM acquired recognition at MCAST through administration approval. Since its first steps in MCAST, SDM has sought to voice MCAST students’ concerns through various fora. SDM also contests Kunsill Studenti MCAST (KSM) elections on a yearly basis and has elected 4 members in its first election in 2014. With MCAST being in its very early stages of student representation, SDM seeks to improve students’ rights and push for a culture of student activism through various projects, initiatives and lobbying. SDM’s current MCAST Co-Ordinator is Andrea Bonavia. You may contact Andrea on mcast@sdm.org.mt.

Sir M.A Refalo

After years of pressure and lobbying, SDM became obtained recognition as student organisation in Sir. M.A. Refalo Gozo in May, 2014. Since then, SDM has worked tirelessly to increase student activism in Gozo’s only Sixth Form institution, through its branch committee. SDM’s primary objective in this institution is the drive towards more student empowerment and the establishment of the long-awaited democratic and independent students’ council. SDM’s current Gozo Co-Ordinator is Sarah Xiberras. You may contact Sarah on gozo@sdm.org.mt.


Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary

In 2016, SDM announced its intention to set up an official branch at the Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary in Naxxar. After months of discussions, SDM is in its final stages of the process to seek official representation. Stay tuned!