In light of recent developments where the process for SDM to be officially recognised at the Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School sparked various concerns amongst the students, SDM wishes to clarify thoroughly the current situation.

First and foremost, it is absolutely not in SDM’s interest to cause any inconvenience to the students at this institution. Truth is, that often, people outside the institutions in which students organisations are currently present, have the perception that both SDM’s and Pulse’s main focus is to compete with one another in mudslinging campaigns in the running up of elections. However, SDM’s main objectives were, and always will be to create a social conscience, to protect the rights of all students and above all, to bring students together.

Throughout SDM’s 42 years, our main duty was never solely to contest elections but to voice student concerns to higher authorities and school administrations. In recent years, SDM has been willing to use its social power to safeguard all students in Malta and Gozo, naturally including students attending GCHSS and other schools in which SDM isn’t officially present.

Amongst these cases, a couple of years back, when students were not permitted to drink during their MATSEC examinations, SDM issued a petition and this decision was subsequently overturned. Similarly, back in October 2015, SDM met MATSEC Director Mr. M.Pirotta, with regards to a clash in the 2016 Timetable, to make sure that the Home Economics A Level examination and the Intermediate Environmental Science exam which were to take place on the 26th of April, do not clash.

In a Press Release issued last January, SDM also called on Transport Malta, to revise the changes done to the bus routes after various concerns where expressed by students attending University, Junior College, GCHSS and MCAST (Naxxar). SDM also liaised with Transport Malta when a strike was ordered by GWU whilst MATSEC Examinations where taking place. Other cases include the Maths 2015 Intermediate Exam which didn’t comply with the syllabus.

SDM also strongly believes that it is also its duty to speak out on social matters and pressing issues. Amongst these, SDM had issued statements on ODZ building sites, Vote 16, Legal Age of Consent, LGBTQI+ issues, the Gender Identity Bill and Spring Hunting to mention a few.

SDM declares that it was never its primary intent to enter GCHSS with the aim of contesting elections and causing any nuisance to students, but rather to be able to work closely with the students in cases such as these. We fully understand all concerns arising having two such bodies suddenly entering the school and in no way we wish to interfere or disrupt the work of the SRC Council but rather to help and reinforce it.

As the situation persists, SDM is open to discuss the matter directly with the students attending the GCHSS and is willing to hold a consultation meeting to clarify the issue as soon as possible.