SDM is in favour of the United Kingdom’s continuing membership in the European Union. We acknowledge the mutual benefits shared by Maltese and British students and people brought by Britain’s continued membership of the EU.


“As the only Maltese student political organisation to have always been pro-Europe, we are fully supporting this cause in favour of continuing studying and job opportunities for Maltese students.”


The latest publication of the European Commission on Mobility programmes showed that Maltese students chose the United Kingdom as their preferred host country.

The University of Malta currently has an agreement with 34 British Universities including the University College London, University of Southampton, University of Sussex, Cardiff University and Middlesex University. Brexit could lead to a decline in the number of Maltese students studying in the UK because they would be recruited as international students, which would mean their fees would rise substantially.

With the same reasoning, British students would no longer be able to participate in Erasmus projects in and around the European Union. Recent studies also suggest that if the UK vote for Brexit it could mean the UK would lose out on research funding granted by the EU.
We are also concerned that Brexit would restrict freedom of movement to the UK and thus making it more difficult for Maltese students to travel to the UK. This also means that British students would face the same problem when planning their journeys to one of the EU member states.

As a full member of the European Democrat Students, SDM participated in a conference in London last month to discuss this issue with British students. The theme discussed was the Rise of Populism – its cause and implications for the European Project. Members of our organisation participating in this event were given the opportunity to meet local activists and to gain an understanding of how the British political system operated on the ground.

Furthermore, we encourage all British students to vote wisely as we firmly believe that Britain and the EU are stronger, more prosperous and safer with continued British EU membership.