Earlier today, SDM held a student consultation meeting at the MCAST Paola Students’ House, with the aim of listening to all parties and stakeholders to understand the apprenticeships’ situation better. A panel was formulated thanks to the contribution of MCAST Principal Stephen Cachia, SDM MCAST Co-Ordinator Andrea Bonavia, MCAST Director for Apprenticeships Ms. Therese Camilleri, MCAST Deputy Principal for Quality Assurance Mr. Vince Maione and MCAST Head of Technical College Mr. Stephen Vella.

Student having their say at today's Consultation Meeting

Student having their say at today’s Consultation Meeting

Amongst the issues raised by students, the problem regarding apprenticeships’ pay and the need for more apprenticeship programmes dominated the discussion. Students who attended the debated emphasised the need for more information related to such programmes being made available to students before the start of apprenticeships. Other issues included transportation and the current times slots for such programmes. The panel informed those attending that there were currently around 380 employers giving apprenticeship opportunities from different sectors. Every course has its own reality and thus, its own specific challenges which need to be addressed.

SDM would like to thank all students who attended this meeting and also the members of the panel for their cooperation.

“We believe that the way forward to overcome such issues and make change happen is through mature discussions and communication with all stakeholders concerned.”

SDM will continue listening to students’ concerns when it comes to this issue and will now kickstart discussions with MCAST administration to act upon the suggestions of students.

SDM MCAST Coordinator Andrea Bonavia

SDM MCAST Coordinator Andrea Bonavia