For another year, Studenti Demokristjani Maltin (SDM) has retained all eleven Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) posts.

Despite not being contested for this year’s elections, SDM shouldered its responsibility to represent all students at the University of Malta, and has chosen eleven candidates with different backgrounds and ideas. Thus, making sure that the ingoing KSU, is formed by students from all walks of life, able to maintain a close and direct contact with all students around campus.

The  newly elected to KSU

Year after year, SDM’s aim is not to win elections, but to consistently make its efforts to be a truly representative student organisation. This was shown by the choice of slogan for this year’s campaign. By ‘Il Quddiem, SDM has made its intentions clear, those of keeping a fresh, forward-thinking KSU of a high-standard as ever.

As part of these aforementioned efforts, after consulting with various other student organisation, SDM has published the Electoral Programme on which the ingoing KSU Executive will be working throughout the upcoming term. The Electoral Programme, which consists of 58 concrete and doable proposals, includes projects such as the Two Wheel Fund, with which students who are willing to make use of bicycle, e-bikes and scooters will be eligible for a rebate or discount when buying such vehicles, the MyRights campaign which will focus on the students’ rights, a Revamped Academic Complaint System, a Euro2016 Mini-Village, and the first ever Voluntary Trip, building on previous philanthropic ventures pursued by previous councils.

SDM, encourages all students and student organisations, to work hand in hand for the benefit of the whole student body. Also, any students who wish to hold a public vote regarding an issue of a KPS or KE nature, is now able to do so after the previously proposed Online Public Voting System (OPVS) was approved by more than a 2/3 majority at the Annual General Meeting.