SDM reiterates its position to explore the possibility of holding future KSU elections online, as well as any other elections that may arise. This goes hand-in-hand with the new online system being implemented to elect student representatives across the different faculties.
Moreover, SDM proposes new voting systems which enhance participation of all the students of which KSU represents. SDM believes that students should be given a direct voice within the KE and KPS structures and thus proposes that any Full Member will have the ability to table a motion which calls for a public vote to be taken on any issue which is of a KE and KPS nature.
Any motion, in relation with a public vote would need a 2/3 majority to pass within the mentioned structures as to ensure that the motion is relevant and of an adequate nature. Once this motion has passed, the KE or KPS would then need to hold an Online Public Vote within fifteen (15) working days from when the motion is approved.
The result of the vote, will then be discussed and taken into consideration within the structures and an official position will be then published by the Commission in mention.The said motion in relation to a public vote could also be tabled by an organisation itself within the KPS Commission or a Student Representative within the KE Commission as it deems fit or where the Commissions believe that such vote needs to be taken.
We must also keep in mind the diamond structure in which KSU operates in and the roles and functions of both the executive and the official KSU organs. KSU is an executive body whose remit is to implement proposed and regular initiatives directed towards the betterment of students’ experience at university and beyond. Its stances in the field of education and social policy are determined by the KE and KPS wings which are made up of student representatives on faculty boards and student organisations.
The executive, is thus obliged to act upon, implement and promote the stances and policies discussed and decided upon by KE and KPS. All these 3 bodies fall under the umbrella of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the statute of KSU which encompasses all aspects, responsibilities and duties of the members of all the underlying bodies.


The entire student body is eligible to contribute within the AGM and invoke change to the statute, as long as the correct procedures are followed. Thus any statutory amendment may only take place after being presented and approved by two thirds (2/3) of the votes of the members present in a General Meeting as per Article 50.1 of the KSU Statute, which is the highest organ where all Full Members have a right to vote. Article 9.3 of the said Statute also states that during the year, a formal request made by five hundred (500) members shall be accepted and executed by the Executive within fifteen (15) working days from when the request is made and this shall be referred to as an Extraordinary General Meeting.