SDM welcomes the €560,000 investment, partly financed by the Europoean Social Fund, through which MCAST students and staff will benefit from the use of 23,000 e-books. Such investment continues encouraging more students to read and gain knowledge, whilst also encouraging further education.
Such initiatives are important for education to develop and keep up with the cultural changes we are going through these days. According to the Euro-barometer surveys, on average, 71% of the European population constitutes of individuals who have at least read one book during the previous year. Unfortunately, Malta registers with the rate of just 45% of the entire population.
Even though, e-books are not the sole solution of this widespread disinterest in reading, the introduction of such books, being so accessible, helps encourage reading and learning. We believe that this technology, will eventually take over the traditional customs of reading and studying, as students, and teachers might find it a lot easier, cost effective and also minimalises the need to carry heavy books around.
SDM encourages further investments like this one, not only at MCAST, but also at the University of Malta and Post-Secondary Institutions.